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March 26, 2013

A Sorrowful Tale

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Dearest Typosphere,

So it has come to pass that the cruel hands of fate and car space have forced me to leave my typewriter behind. For you see that I have departed from my home and am currently embarking across the US on an open-ended road trip and the vehicle simply cannot support such a bulky item, not to mention the paper, folders, scanner, internet connection, etc… It is a sad time for me as I had been growing quite fond of my Remington, quite fond indeed. So unless someone has a much smaller manual typewriter on hand, something perhaps half the size of my previous, then I shall be forced to write by hand and post by computer. I don’t mind writing by hand at all, but there was something unique and inspiring about my typewriter which I shall miss greatly. Even posting here feels different and awkward – so with that in mind, I shall end this post now.


Henri Bergotte

Addendum: The typewriter is stored safely. It was not sold and shall not be sold as I will certainly return to its smooth and dark keys someday.

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